lalalocker Frequently Asked Questions

What is lalalocker?

Using lalalocker, you can drop your luggage at nearby stores. These stores will provide you safe space for your luggage storage, and make you enjoy an empty-handed trip!

It’s very simple and fast.
1.Choose the store you want to drop your luggage on lalalocker's map.
2.Fill out the booking form, and send online payment.
3.Reach the store and deliver your luggage to clerks.
4.Enjoy your empty-handed trip!

Regions of Taiwan.A Big Luggage: NT$150/day. A Small Luggage: NT$70/day.

Every lalalocker partner stores have been through our strict confirmation, so your luggage will be put at the place where monitors and clerks can oversee. Your luggage will be buckled by one-time luggage tag to prevent it from being dismantled.

In case an accident happens, your luggage is lost or gets damaged; According to the value of your baggage, lalalocker will provide the maximum of NT$10,000 in compensation for each lost or damaged luggage.

There are no restrictions on the size of luggage for storage. As long as the luggage can be hold by you, you can drop it at our partner stores. For instance, bicycle, baby stroller, snowboard, instrument, and so on.

No, you can’t. You can only pay online through lalalocker, and we can ensure the safety of your luggage and provide our after-sales service.

Perishables, flammable and explosive substances, dangerous objects and illegal things are prohibited such as narcotics, weapons, ammunition and contrabands. Besides, Cash, bills, stocks and other valuable securities or jewelry, antiques, works of art, precious metals and other precious things are also not accepted for storage.

Yes, as long as you fill out the data of recipient, and he/she shows a credential when he/she takes back your luggage.

There are no restrictions on booking time. If you are not sure about arrived time, you can book the service before you arrive the stores.

We understand probably a lot of factors will make you can’t arrive precisely on time. Therefore, as long as you can arrive during business hours of the stores, a little sooner or later is ok!

Please cancel your previous booking first, and book again. You can’t cancel your booking which is made on the same day. If you want to change, please contact to our customer service.

You can’t cancel your booking which is made on the same day. However, if you cancel your booking before the day you have booked, we will refund you in full amount.

You can drop and take back your luggage during business hours of the stores only. Please notice the information of the stores.

Please come to the lower right of lalalocker’s website or send an e-mail to [email protected].