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If you have a basement, store room or hotel room, Make better use of your store’s spare, flexible space!

Receive bookings

Customers book online through lalalocker. They will check in and retrieve their luggage during the store's business hours, as long as a clerk assists in a simple delivery process.

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Regular monthly payments to your bank account

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User information

To your safety, customers have to book under their real name and show their ID before checking in.

Terms & Condition

Customers must agree to terms and conditions which include item regulations and standards before booking.


If the luggage gets lost, damaged or stolen, we insure the luggage for you.

We have your back

lalalocker's customer service is always here for you if you need any help.

You could get

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A Big luggage

TWD$70 / day

Any type of bag with the longest side longer than 45 cm(e.g. suitcases, travel bags, backpacks, etc.)

A Small luggage

TWD$35 / day

Any type of bag of which longest side is below 45cm(e.g. handbags, shopping bags, etc.)


What are the conditions for becoming a partner?

You must have a physical storefront, a fixed business hour, and at least one store clerk in the store. The space for storage can be left at your discretion, but we hope which can provide at least 3-5 suitcases can be stored.

Although there have been no accidents in Lalalocker so far, in order to prevent accidents, lalalocker will provide compensation for loss and damage of NT$10,000 per piece of luggage.

If you have any doubts about the luggage, you can ask for checking the luggage for safe in person. If users refuse to do, our partner has the right to refuse to provide the service. In addition, each user must agree to the lalalocker terms of use which are strictly prohibited are listed before booking.

You only need to check the user's identification and place their luggage in a safe place in the store. The whole process is very simple and quick, and it won't delay you too much time.

If the user does not pick up the luggage within the scheduled time, the surrender fee will be added according to the date; if it exceeds the date for five days,lalalocker will collect the luggage and store it in the designated warehouse.

No problem, you can contact us at the dialog box at the bottom right corner of the official website, or send an e-mail to [email protected]

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