Cooperative store terms

Terms and Conditions of Cooperation

The space provider (hereinafter referred to as “Party A”) and Lalalocker Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Party B”) enter an agreement in which Party A provides the luggage storage services known as “lalalocker” (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”) through Party B’s website. In applying for the registration of services, Party A is deemed to have agreed to terms and conditions of cooperation (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) with Party B.


Article 1 (Agreement Establishment)

1.      The contents of the Service are as follows: Party B shall publicize the storage space provided by Party A to general consumers through its website, allowing users to establish contact with Party A for luggage storage rental services.

2.      In the event of changes to the contents of application materials registered by Party A in future, the amendments shall be promptly reported to Party B in accordance with regulations.

3.      Party B shall confirm and review the application for registration submitted by Party A. After meeting requirements in assessment by Party B, Party A's service information shall then be published on the website. The review criteria include cleanliness, neatness and quality of the space, and whether it has sufficient manpower for supervision, or falls within an area that can be monitored by a surveillance camera.

4.      The contracted parties in the Service lease are Party A and users of the Service, where Party B is not a contracting party.

5.      Party A may provide goods or services to users of the Service through the Service.

6.      In establishing and executing this Agreement with Party A, we declare that the provision of the space specified in the first clause of Article 1 falls within civil rights and complies with other laws outside of civil law.

7.      Apart from cases of intentional or gross negligence from Party B, Party A shall not claim compensation from Party B in the event of losses caused by oneself due to the violation of the preceding clauses.


Article 2 (Registration Cancellation)

1.      In the event that Party A falls under any of the following circumstances, Party B may immediately suspend or cancel the registration of services without prior notice.

a.      In the event of proven false statements made during the registration application.

b.      Any form of interference with the operations of the Service.

c.      Other forms of violations of this Agreement that are deemed unsuitable for registration by Party B.

2.      Should Party A wish to withdraw from the cooperation, it should be done after all existing orders have been completed.

3.      In the event that Party A requests that Party B suspend or remove the contents of the website, Party B shall carry out the suspension or removal of contents of the website within 10 working days.

Article 3 (Usage Fees)

1.The storage fees paid by users of the Service (according to the amount specified on the website) shall be collected by Party B first, and part of the amount collected (hereinafter referred to as the “Usage Fees”) shall then be transferred to Party A's account

2. Party A shall have different standards of calculation for Usage Fees for different regions.

3. Should Party A be located in Taiwan, the calculation of Usage Fees is as follows: Usage Fees shall increase by NT$70 for each large baggage collected and NT$35 for each small baggage collected.

4. Should Party A be located outside of Taiwan, the calculation of Usage Fees shall be 50% of the price indicated on the official website.

5. Should users of the Service book an appointment beyond your business hours (for 24-hour operations, 24 hours shall constitute one business day), users must visit the lalalocker official website to make a new booking and make up for the price difference for the number of days beyond the original booking date, before collecting their baggage.

6. The monthly storage fees collected shall be calculated based on Party B’s transaction records.

7. If Party A wants to collect the money, it needs to apply by pressing the payment button in the backstage.

8. Party’s  storage fees  must accumulate more than NT$300 or US$10 to withdraw.

9. Since the Service involves Party A using Party B’s platform to trade with non-specific consumers, Party A shall provide sales invoices to Party B, and Party B shall then provide sales invoices to the consumers.

10. In the event that Party A is located outside of Taiwan, Party A shall not need to provide invoices to Party B.

11. Party B shall remit the amount payable to the account designated by Party A on the next date of remittance after receiving the invoice. The date of remittance shall be the 10th and 20th of each month. Should the date of remittance fall on a public holiday or rest day of the bank used by Party B, the date of remittance shall be postponed to the next working day.


Article 4 (Methods of Storage)


1.      The storage space provided by Party A shall be indoors.

2.      The storage space provided by Party A shall meet at least one of the following conditions.

A.     The space falls within an area that can be monitored by a surveillance camera.

B.     The space falls within a range of visibility by staff employed by Party A.

C.     The space can be locked.

D.     The space is not accessible to external parties apart from staff employed by Party A.

3.      Party A should check the ID card and verify the identity of users when storing baggage.

4.      Storage and collection of users’ baggage shall be handled by staff employed by Party A and shall not be handled directly by users of the Service.

5.      For security reasons, Party A reserves the right to inspect the contents of the users’ baggage on the spot when receiving baggage. Should the user object to inspection, Party A reserves the right to refuse to provide services.


Article 5 (Compensation for Damages)

1.      During the execution of these clauses, in the event of damages suffered by users of the Service, in principle, Party A and Party B should resolve problems in accordance with their respective responsibilities.

2.      In the event of damage or loss of the users’ baggage due to an accident, Party B shall bear a maximum liability of NT$10,000 in compensation, based on the current value of the baggage.

3.      Party B shall not be liable for damages in the event of the following circumstances.

A.     The user provided false information when filling out an order.

B.     The user did not sign a baggage storage contract with Party A through Party B’s platform.

C.     Party A did not adhere to Article 4 of this Agreement.

D.     Loss or leakage was due to improper packaging of the baggage.

E.     Missing contents or inconsistencies in contents of baggage that has been packaged properly cannot to be proven to be caused by an accident within the scope of coverage of this Agreement.

F.      The weight of the baggage is reduced naturally, due to events of expansion from heat, shrinkage, decay, fermentation, mildew formation, rusting, discoloration, odor, spontaneous combustion, or chewing from pests.

G.     Intentional acts of damage by users of the Service.

H.     Acts of theft by users of the Service or Party A.

I.       Events of force majeure, including typhoons, earthquakes, and floods.

J.      Events of enemy aggression, acts of foreign enemies, war (whether declared or not) or acts similar to war, revolutions, civil war, occupation or requisition by force, and military training or exercises.

K.     Events of strike, rioting and public nuisance.

L.      Events of nuclear fission, fusion, or radiation.

M.     Events of unexplained shortfalls or losses, or shortfalls or losses discovered during inventory checking.

N.     Theft due to acts of forgery or alteration of collection forms.

O.     Acts of detention or destruction required by quarantine or customs regulations.

P.     Events of confiscation by the government.

Q.     The baggage contains prohibited goods.

B.     Baggage storage should be completed in person. The liabilities borne by Party B shall terminate once the baggage has been handed over to the customer.

C.     Party A shall notify Party B immediately in the event of loss or damage of users’ baggage due to an accident.


Article 6 (Handling of Idle Items)

1.      In the event of items lying idle for too long in the space provided by Party A (within 5 days from the date of collection), Party B shall take over the uncollected items.

2.      Party B may choose to cooperate with Party A or engage Party A to urge the users to retrieve the idle items.


Article 7 (About the Terms and Conditions)

1.      Party B shall reserve the right to amend, add or remove any of the clauses in the regulations and conditions outlined in this Agreement, where Party A shall be obliged to follow up, be aware of and abide by the amendments made to the regulations and conditions.

2.      In regard to amendments, additions or removal of clauses outlined in the Agreement, in addition to Party A following up on information published on the website on their own accord, Party B shall also notify Party A in other ways at their own discretion.

3.      Party B shall take the initiative to notify Party A by email in the event of amendments to terms involving the procedure of baggage collection or Usage Fees.

4.      Amendments or additions to the terms shall take effect from the time of publication on the website.

5.      Should notification or communication between Party A and Party B be carried out on the website, or through other means of communication such as email, amendments or additions shall take effect from the date of notification.

6.      Party A shall assume the responsibility to keep up-to-date with the latest contents of the terms, where Party A shall be assumed to be aware of the latest contents of the terms.

7.      According to the preceding clause, Party A shall not object to the latest contents, amendments or additions to the terms.

8.      The regulations over the Service or use of the Service published on the website also form part of this Agreement.

Article 8 (Credibility Clause)


1.      In the event of any doubt concerning the clauses stated in this article or the regulations stated in this Agreement, we shall engage in negotiations with sincerity and dedication.

2.      Party A shall instruct staff to be attentive in taking proper care of undisclosed technical information or other related information that they come into knowledge or possession of for the purpose of this Agreement and shall not disclose or hand over such information to any external parties nor allow external parties to come into knowledge of such information.

3.      Party A shall not disclose to external parties the details of information on Party B, nor information on revenue or other information related to the Service.