【 Travel 】The 5 Best Shopping Malls in Bangkok

Thailand is an international shopping paradise with reasonable prices , known for its diverse shopping areas from high-end , luxurious malls to low-budget local markets , guaranteeing worldwide tourists the most pleasant shopping experiences . Today, we’re going to introduce to you the 5 best shopping malls in Bangkok . So shopaholics, pay attention ! 

1 . Central World 

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Central World is an enormous shopping plaza located in Bangkok’s bustling city center . The area consists of eight floors , with each dedicated to a particular category , from international designer brands to electronic , tech stores . Not only does it cater to worldwide shoppers , it also provides entertainment for casual hangouts . Other than a diverse selection of restaurants , a world-class cinema and fancy beauty salons , it also features an open ice skating rink on its second floor . Plan your shopping spree at Central World and it won’t disappoint ! 

2 . Terminal 21

Get a taste of a poly-national lifestyle at this airport-themed mall in downtown Bangkok ! The nine floors each resembles an international city , including Paris , Istanbul , London , Tokyo , Rome and San Francisco , fulfilling cross-country shopping dreams for many all under one roof . Prices here are also more affordable compared to other malls , since Terminal 21 features emerging , mid-quality designer brands for young urbanists . Not only can you shop unique brands , you can also indulge in tasty eats from Vietnamese spring-rolls to Thailand’s local Pad Thai at the Pier 21 food court . Make all your travel fantasies come true at this “ multi-destination ” mall . Terminal 21 awaits your visit .

3 . Siam Paragon

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Known as the playground for the wealthiest , Siam Paragon sits in one of the most prestigious addresses of Bangkok . Siam Paragon offers some of the most luxurious , high-end brands on earth . Here, you’ll find the latest Lamborghinis displayed at showrooms as well as Jim Thompson’s season’s new line ready to sale . Just like other shopping centers , Siam Paragon house some of the finest restaurants . Other than that, they also offer VIP cinema experiences with wide leather sofa seatings and reclining footrests at 700 baht . Though products and services here may be pricey , it guarantees you the best . After all , you get what you pay for. If you have a rich taste and got some cash to splurge , Siam Paragon is meant for you!

4 . Icon Siam

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Icon Siam , opened to the public on November 10 , 2018 has become the newest mall in Bangkok’s urban centre . Believe it or not , its exterior is made of the longest pleated glass façade in the world , with a prestigious look inspired by the Thai handcraft “Krathong” . Inside , it has more high-end brands , an indoor floating market , a fitness club , a cinema , an art gallery and exhibition space . It also features fantastic riverside views , thanks to its amazing location by the Chao Phraya River . Shopping at Icon Siam is for sure an experience not to be missed !

5 . MBK Center

MBK Center , locally known as “ Mahboonkrong Center ” , is unarguably one of the most popular shopping areas in downtown Bangkok . The center is compiled of lines of stalls , a cinema , a food court and an arcade , offering shoppers a full package of entertainment . Despite of the fact that it isn’t as glamorous and upscale as the Siam Paragon , it has a reputation of “ the cheapest mall “ in Bangkok — considerably less expensive and a great place to get bargains . However , do not expect everything to be authentic , as there are often fake goods tagged under a price a bit lower than the real one . Always keep an open eye and use your negotiation skills to get a discount . With these two tips , you’ll definitely get plenty of nice deals !

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