【 Travel 】Travel in Taiwan for 5 Days

Everyone loves to travel but planning a trip usually takes time. Why not follow experts and make some bookings on the OTA platform and just enjoy your trip?

Flight Ticket: Skyscanner
Hotel Reservation: Local booking hotel sites in Taiwan, Booking.com

Taiwan Unlimited 4G SIM Card ( Pick-Up at Taiwan Airports )

・Enjoy unlimited 4G connection while in Taiwan
・Pick-up your SIM card at major airports across Taiwan, including Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) and Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH)
・Hotspot your device and share with fellow travelers


Taoyuan Airport MRT Ticket and Exclusive Shopping Coupon and SIM Card ( Foreigners Only )

  • Couple of 4G SIM Card sets make the trip more fun
  • Quick and convenient travels between Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) and Taipei Main Station
  • Valid for the Express Train – travel between Taipei and TPE airport in just 40 minutes!
  • Hassle-free pick up process at the airport upon arrival + free 4G WiFi on-board
  • Choice of one way or round trip tickets available, both at an affordable price
  • Limited Offer: Get TWD100 vouchers for Taiwan’s Best Food & Must-Eats when you book selected Taiwan activities on Klook!


EasyCard ( TPE Airport Pick Up )

  • Multi-choice for EasyCard with no Deposit, TWD200 Deposit, TWD400 Deposit, fulfill different kinds of needs
  • Explore Taiwan hassle-free by getting this convenient EasyCard for Taipei and Kaohsiung
  • Pick up your card as soon as you land at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and get to use it immediately
  • Use the card for transportation and cashless payment at select stores and attractions
  • Enjoy discounts at select stations, stores, and attractions when you book through Klook!
  • https://www.klook.com/en-US/activity/5777-public-transport-easycard-taipei/

Taipei Luggage Storage Service


[ Must-buy Souvenir in Taiwan ] Chia Te Bakery Pineapple Cake Gift Pack ( Delivery to hotels within Taipei / New Taipei City )

・Chia Te Bakery is one of the most popular pineapple cake bakeries in Taiwan
・Crispy crust with rich milky aroma, stuffed with sweet pineapple filling
・With only one bakery in the entire country, there are long lines every day. Now we deliver to your hotel and save you the trouble of lining up


Day 1 ( Assume plane arrive at 15 : 00 )

16 : 00 – 17 : 30

Taipei Taoyuan Airport (TPE) Round-trip Shuttle Bus Ticket

・Save time and money by getting cheaper round-trip tickets with KKday
・Take advantage of the service available 24 hours with departures at every interval
・Relax onboard and enjoy free Wi-Fi and USB charging services
・Relish the comfort of spacious seating and air conditioning
・Capitalize on free shuttle service to Ximen station available for tickets holders


17 : 30 – 18 : 30

Check-in and rest for a while.

19 : 30 – 22 : 00

Taipei Jingmei Night Market Walking Tour

・Taste 12 classic Taiwanese delicacies
・Experience the most local Taipei night market
・Learn about Taiwan’s rich food culture from an expert guide


22 : 30 – 8 : 00

Take a good rest!

Day 2

8 : 00 – 9 : 00

KKday Express Shuttle Bus: Taipei 101 Observation Deck to National Palace Museum

・Ride KKday Express Shuttle to Taipei 101 and National Palace Museum
・Explore the history of Taiwan and China at National Palace Museum
・Select from four convenient time slots for your journey
・Avoid long lines and crowded public transportation
・Take advantage of guaranteed departure, regardless of group size


9 : 00 – 14 : 00

National Palace Museum E-Ticket

14 : 00 – 15 : 00

KKday Express Shuttle Bus: National Palace Museum to Taipei 101 Observation Deck


15 : 00 – 17 : 00

Taipei 101 Skyline 460 Observation Deck Express Ticket

・Walking around the highest outdoor viewing platform at Taipei 101
・Get panoramic view of entire Taipei City and feels like on the could nine – literally
・Enjoy complimentary cloud coffee and exclusive Tapei 101 bottle water after the experience


17 : 00 – 20 : 00

Taipei Din Tai Fung Xiao Long Bao

・Sample oriental delicacy xiao long bao at world-famous Din Tai Fung
・Enjoy a variety of dim sums including steamed vegetable dumplings and shrimp dumplings
・Delight in an amazing dining experience at one of Taiwan’s Michelin starred restaurants


20 : 00 – 23 : 00

Taipei Pub Crawl Experience

・Sample a variety of local beers, wines, cocktails, and liquors
・Visit three bars and a nightclub in Taipei
・Meet and play drinking games with travelers from all over the world
・Learn about Taiwan’s drinking culture from your tour guide


23 : 30 – 9 : 00

Take a good rest!

Day 3

9 : 00 – 17 : 30

Taiwan Northeast Coast Day Tour from Taipei: Bitou Cape, Nanya Rock, and Cape Santiago Lighthouse

・Go off the beaten path and explore the captivating natural landscapes of Taiwan’s northeast coast, such as the mystical Nanya Rock Formation

・Take a stroll along the picturesque hills and beaches of Bitou Cape

・Learn all about the fascinating history of the Cape Santiago Lighthouse, which is north Taiwan’s only lighthouse open to tourists

・Relax by the sea at the charming Beiguan Tidal Park


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18 : 00 – 21 : 00

Ximen Mango Shaved Ice at Ximen Station


21 : 30 – 9 : 00

Take a good rest!

Day 4

9 : 00 – 17 : 00

Jiufen, Shifen and Keelung Miaokow Night Market Shuttle Bus from Ximen

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我愛吃飯和喝酒 🍚🍡🥃 #LinarteTravels

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山城九份的興與衰 民國1892年起在九份、金瓜石一帶發現金礦,開啟了往後五十幾年九份、金瓜石地區的繁榮。 當時有一句俗諺是這麼說的「三更散、四更富、五更起大厝」,意思是本來三更時家中還在煩惱沒錢可煮飯,四更時先生在礦坑中挖到金子便馬上變有錢了,五更時挖出的黃金都已經可以蓋起透天大厝了,形容的就是當時人人都嚮往靠著挖礦,一夜致富。 同時,採礦是高風險的工作,沒有人能知道早上進礦坑晚上還能不能安全地走出來,因此,九份地區瀰漫著賺多少花多少的紙醉金迷風氣,白天工作穿著耐磨耐髒的軍衣,下班後則換上正式的西裝,上酒樓、茶館、戲院娛樂。也因此可以知道為什麼現在的九份還仍保有那麼多茶館跟唯一一座被保留下來的昇平戲院。 後來的九份,因金礦與承接的煤礦發展陸續衰退與結束開採,人口不斷地外移發展,在1989年電影《悲情城市》上映後作為分界點,九份揮別了夜夜笙歌的過往,漸漸地轉變為靜謐安雅的山城聚落,也因為觀光業的興盛,以及宮崎駿電影《神隱少女》的加持下,轉型成為一個國際級的觀光景點,現今每年吸引近五百萬人次造訪。 _ . . . . . #photography #photographer #travel #travelphotography #travelphotographer #documentary #documentaryphotography #documentaryphotographer #taiwan #ig_shotz #ig_taiwan #igerstaiwan #instataiwan #instagood #instatravel #instagram #台灣 #攝影 #旅行 #風景 #風景攝影 #旅遊攝影 #人文攝影 #新北市 #瑞芳 #九份 #九份老街 #阿妹茶樓 #jiufen #jiufenoldstreet

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18 : 00 – 21 : 00

Keelung Walking Tour

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Do you plan excursions during your vacations? If you’re just tuning into my trip, I’m currently in Taiwan 🇹🇼 in honor of my late mommy joon, @Bitajoonie. This trip is dedicated to all things “Bita” and excursion planning was her expertise whenever she was creating a family trip itinerary! Of course I had to plan a few day trip excursions outside of Taipei as my mom & I always talked about seeing more than just the capital city. Keelung was on the top of our excursions list and it defo was all that I had imagined. The food market, friendliest locals, gorgeous colorful harbor and incredible city vibe would be my moms dream excursion day trip! 💛🦋💛🦋💛🦋💛🦋 💛🦋💛 Keelung was also so special because I was getting signs EVERYWHERE from my mom… empty temples, orchids in my face every stop I made, loving dogs that followed me during hikes (you know what I mean of you remember my Vietnam guides), dragon flies and yellow butterflies following me from tree to tree! My mom was all over sending me energy that she was with me and I think she loved Keelung as much as I did! 🌈👩‍👧 📍TELL ME: Have you ever visited a city you just connected with and felt such amazing positive energy from? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks so much for continuing this journey with me in honor of my Mom! It truly means SO much to be able to be here for her and have you get to know her through my stories. 💋 📸 @catchfiftytwo #bitadiaries

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22 : 30 – 9 : 00

Take a good rest!

Day 5 ( Assume plane departure at 22 : 00 )

10 : 00 – 12 : 00

Authentic Taiwanese Cooking Class in Taipei

12 : 00 – 14 : 00

Beef One Beef Noodles at Zhongxiao Dunhua Station

  • Stop over Beef One after a day of shopping in Da’an and refill your energy with their special beef noodles
  • Enjoy the perfect fusion of 2 cultural cuisines with their Taiwan Beef noodles made in Japanese Ramen style
  • Experience an explosion of flavors in a chicken soup base composed by braised beef and noodles
  • Dine in a rustic atmosphere with individual partitions giving you the liberty of eating in your own comfort
  • Get a taste of Beef One’s Braised Beef Noodles with Soft Boiled Egg for a lesser price when you book with Klook


14 : 00 – 17 : 00

Body Oil Massage at I-Ching in Taipei

17 : 00 – 19 : 00

Get to the Airport

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