【 Lalalocker 】The Airbnb for Luggage !

Lalalocker allow travelers from all over the world to deposit their luggage in coffee shops, restaurants and hotels…….With Lalalocker, coffee shops, restaurants and hotels……. may not only increase profits, but also give them a great opportunity for customers to walk-in their store !

Why can stores miss this opportunity ?
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A new way to reach out your potential customer

Customers tend to drop their luggage and purchase things in your store at the same time.

Free sign up. We help you find your customers.

No bindings or monthly fee. You will never have to pay anything, just earn !

Start your new revenue

Earn additional revenue while meeting travelers.

Why can your stores miss this great opportunity ?

Join for free, forever http://bit.ly/2Z35pxA

We have lunch an affiliate program, which means you can invite stores to join for earning extra money !
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( Share the Exclusive link, earn 15 USD when the store sign up , earn 30 USD when the store get the first order, earn 200 USD when the store accumulates more than 100 orders )

Here is our website : http://bit.ly/2Z4AocK

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