【 Travel 】Luggage Allowance of Aer Lingus Airlines

        How heavy can your baggage on Aer Lingus be? What is the limitation of size of baggage on Aer Lingus? What if the weight is over the allowance? Check this article and you’ll have idea about all the questions.

Checked luggage of Aer Lingus:

Checked luggage of Aer Lingus can be added online, and you may get up to 50% discount for the charge.

Size Piece Weight Dimension
S 1 15 L+W+H = 158 cm
M 1 20 L+W+H = 158 cm
L 1 25 L+W+H = 158 cm
XL 2 40
(for total. Each can not exceed 32kg.)
L+W+H = 158 cm

If you want to add extra luggage, you can add it up to 3 pieces.

Cabin luggage of Aer Lingus:

Size Piece Weight Dimension
Regional Allowance
(Smaller aircraft operated By Stobart Air)
+1 small bag
7kg 48 x 33 x 20 cm
25 x 33 x 20 cm(small bag)
Others 1
+1 small bag
10kg 50 x 40 x 24 cm
25 x 33 x 20 cm(small bag)

Special Cases:

1.Sports equipment

Aer Lingus will carry your sports equipment as checked baggage. The maximum weight limitation is 23kg per.

If your flight is to or from North America, then your sport equipment will be seen as an standard luggage and be charged €75/$100 as extra luggage fee. Other routes are subject to a fee of €40 online and €50 at the airport. So make sure you’ve added it when booking the ticket.

To get more details of packing your sport equipment, please check out the link down below.


2.Musical instrument

If your small musical instrument meets the dimension limitation of cabin luggage on Aer Lingus, you can bring it on board. However, you need to book an extra seat for it if it exceeds the limitation. Remember that it should not exceed the weight of 75kg and the dimensions of 94 x 58 x 41 cm.

Or you can choose to check in your musical instrument. It shares the same rules with normal luggage.

3.Infant & Pet

Aer Lingus allow parents to check in the pushchair for free. You can add it when booking for your infant or child. Also, you can bring a car seat on board for free.

However, pet is not allowed to enter the cabin. You need to book for a transportation requirement online t the link down below. Your pet should be over 10 weeks old.


Bon Voyage.

(Reference: https://www.aerlingus.com/travel-information/baggage-information/)

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