【 Travel 】Baggage Allowance of Wizz Air


Baggage Rules of Wizz Air:

Checked Baggage:

All checked baggage of WIZZ are charged, but there are different kind of weight:

Weight Dimensions Piece
10kg 149 x 119 x 171 cm Each person can bring maximum 6 pieces.
Three of them can add online, while the rest
should add at the airport.
20kg 149 x 119 x 171 cm
32kg 149 x 119 x 171 cm

One pushchair / foldable baby stroller can be checked in free of charge for each small childe.

Cabin Baggage:

Item Piece Dimensions Weight
Hand bag (FREE) 1 40 x 30 x 20 cm Up to 10kg
Trolley bag (with WIZZ Priority) 1 55 x 40 x 23 cm Up to 10kg

Passengers who booked WIZZ Priority (or you are entitled to WIZZ Priority with WIZZ Privilege Pass, WIZZ GO or WIZZ Plus bundles), you can bring a trolley bag on board for free

Special Cases:

1.Fee of Baggage

Name Fee Site
Baggage fee low season max. 10 kg €9.00 – ‎€47.00 Online
Baggage fee high season max. 10 kg €13.00 – ‎€57.00 Online
Baggage fee low season max. 20 kg €15.00 – ‎€67.00 Online
Baggage fee high season max. 20 kg €21.00 – ‎€83.00 Online
Baggage fee low season max. 32 kg ‎€21.00 – ‎€89.00 Online
Baggage fee high season max. 32 kg ‎€30.00 – ‎€109.00 Online
Baggage fee low season max. 20 kg ‎€55.00 At the airport
Baggage fee low season max. 32 kg ‎€110.00 At the airport
Baggage excess weight fee(between 20kg – 32kg) €10.00/per kilo At the airport

2.Sport Equipment

Sport equipment is seen as checked baggage, and WIZZ requires passengers to pack the equipment well. The list below is the requirement:

  • ski, snowboard, surf equipment, golf bags packed in a pouch
  • jumping poles can only be accepted for carriage if packed in textile sacks
  • bicycles packed in a bicycle travel case with the wheels and pedals removed and handlebars turned parallel or packed in cardboard, provided that the tyres are deflated
  • diving equipment with empty diving cylinders, removed power source or bulb switches secured in the “OFF” position
  • antlers and trophies with a valid veterinary certificate 

Note that WIZZ won’t provide any package of this.

Make sure you add this additional item when you book, or you can call to the service center. It’ll only be charged for €30, or you’ll par €60 at the airport.

3.Musical Instrument

You can bring your musical instrument on board if you book for a Wizz Priority, and the limitation is 80 x 40 x 23 cm. However, you can only choose either the musical instrument or the trolley suitcase. Moreover, make sure you add the musical instrument online when you book, or you can’t add it at the airport.

4.Wizz Air Discount Club

Do you take a plane frequently? Wizz Air has a discount club which offer €5 off to 20kg and 32kg luggage, and at least €10 off for every flight in addition. You just need to pay €29.99 a year and can become a standard membership. That being said, if you are not a frequently flyer, it better for you to think twice before joining the club.


Bon Voyage.

(Reference: https://wizzair.com/en-gb/information-and-services/travel-information/baggage


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