【 Travel 】Baggage Allowance of Turkish Airlines

        How heavy can your baggage on Turkish be? What is the limitation of size of baggage on Turkish ? What if the weight is over the allowance? Check this article and you’ll have idea about all the questions.

Baggage Rules of Turkish :

Checked Baggage:

Class Piece Dimensions Weigh
Economy Class 1 L+H+W=158cm Max for 20kg per
Business Class, flights originating
in Ireland and Switzerland
1 L+H+W=158cm Max for 30kg per

          The maximum weight of any single piece of baggage on all our flights is 32 kg. We do not allow individual baggage items over the weight of 32 kg. The overloaded baggage will be charged depending on the route.

Cabin Baggage:

Class Piece Dimensions Weigh
For All 1 One cabin bag (55 X 40 x 23 cm)
One small bag (e.g. hand bag, laptop case)
Total for 8kg

Special Cases:

1.Sport Equipment

All the sport equipment will be seen as checked baggage and should fir the normal baggage limitation. The maximum piece is 32kg. If one piece exceeds the limitation, you should separate it into 2.

On journeys with a stopover, such as Maldives-Colombo or Kilimanjaro-Mombasa, a fee of 30 euro will be charged for all sports equipment included in the table.

The official website offer more details. You should check out it before booking.


2.Musical Instrument

Small musical instruments can be bring into cabin but should not exceed 140x42x25 cm and over the weight of 75kg. If it exceeds the limitation, it can only be a checked baggage.

3.Child & Infant

If you bring your baby on trip, Turkish allows baby to bring an extra baggage for 10kg(max up to 23kg for charged). Also, you can bring a stroller of a maximum length of no more than 115cm. Child has the same baggage allowance as adult.


Animals are allowed to the airplane of Turkish. You can put your small pets into a cage if it doesn’t exceed 23 x 30 x 40 cm and 8kg. If they exceed the limitation, it will be seen as special cargo. However, guide dog is allowed to the cabin without fitting the limitation, but you still need to prepare related documents.

Bon Voyage.


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