【 Travel 】Free WiFi in Hong kong

Living in the world nowadays, it is really hard for people to live without internet, especially when you are abroad. Although there is a chance that you buy portable WiFi machine or SIM card in advance, it is always possible that you lost connection for many reasons. Therefore, here we provide some free WiFi spots that you can access easily when you travel in Hong Kong.

  1. Hong Kong International Airport

It is really easy and convenient to get access to WiFi at HK Internation Airport. Just search for ‘’#HKAirport Free WiFi’’, click it, and you are on! There’s no need to have registeration or log-in process, with one click, you may access the internet without time limitation.

2. MTR station

There’s no doubt that passengers can get access to WiFi in MTR stations. Look for the sign ‘’免費Wi-Fi熱點’’ or places around iCenter in the station, and search for ‘’MRT Free Wi-Fi’’ on your electronic device. Easy as in the airport, there’s no need to go through complicated process but only one click and you’re on. 

Notice that there are limitations, 15 minutes per times, 5 times per day.

3. Wi-Fi Hk

‘’Wi-Fi Hk’’ is a free WiFi service provided by the government and private institution. Whenever you are in Hong Kong, as long as you find the WiFi starts with ‘’Wi-Fi Hkvia’’, you are free to access it. There’s no need to register as well, but you will be required to agree with the terms.

Hk government has also released an APP, WI-Fi HK, that it will show hotspots in Hong Kong, and even you can search for the hotspots around you.

4. Government free wifi

At most public places such as libraries, museums, public swimming pool, etc in Hong Kong, it is available to access free Wifi through ‘’freegovwifi’’ without time limitation, and log-in process. However, it is not secured. 

For those who are concerned about their security, you are recommended to choose ‘’freegovwifi-e’’. The user’s name and password required are both ‘’govwifi’’. Only one step more, than you’ll get a secured connection.

5. Csl Wi-Fi

‘’CSL Wi-Fi’’ is basically all over Hong Kong. It is available in MTR stations, starbucks, convenient stores….. But note that the “Auto Connect” function of csl Wi-Fi will no longer be available starting from 4, March 2019. Customer can keep using “CSL” SSID to manually log in and connect to csl Wi-Fi.

Before connecting CSL, there are some steps that are required. Set up instruction: https://www.hkcsl.com/en/csl-wi-fi-how-to-use/

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