【 Travel 】Baggage Delivery in Taiwan

It is always a bothersome carrying your baggage when traveling abroad. What if you may head to your next destination without carrying your baggage? Baggage delivery is a convenient option for those who would like to travel with empty hands, getting rid of the inconvenience of carrying and transferring your baggage at the same time.

  1. Pelican

Pelican Delivery Service provides luggage delivery services at both Taoyuan International Airport and Taipei Songshan Airport. Depending on your requirement, there are lots of services you may choose from, such as at-home airport luggage pickup, delivery service, luggage deposit, baggage wrapping, etc.

Service Shipping HourShipping spotCollecting HourCollecting spot
Departure-At-home pickup2 days before departure(Before 14:00)Pelican service spotAt-home pickupDeparture dateT1(24hrs)T2(06:00-23:00)Pelican service center(T1 & T2)
Arrival-Home deliveryArrival dateT1(09:00-17:00)T2(24hrs)Pelican service center(T1 & T2)A day after arrivalDesignated place
Terminal 1
Terminal 2
SizeUnder 60cm61-90cm91-120cm121-150cm150-180cm
WeightUnder 20kgUnder 30kg
Main islandNT$120NT$160NT$200NT$240NT$290

Notice that your luggage will be collected 2 days before your departure date, your luggage will not be accepted if it’s less than 2 days.

For more information: https://www.e-can.com.tw/serviceNormalTemp.aspx?id=1&sys_id=20

2. Pinoy

For passengers arrive or depart at Kaoshung Internation Airport, Pinoy will be a suitable choice for you. But notice that it only provides luggage delivery from the airport, which means there is no pickup service from your place. And the service is not available during weekends. However, Pinoy provides a special service that it can deliver your luggage to China, so that there’s no need to check in your luggage at the airport.

SizeUnder 60cm61~90cm91~120cm121~150cm151~180cm 
WeightUnder 5kgUnder 20kg

For more information: http://www.airportbaggage.com.tw/index1.htm

3. LuggAgent

For those not being able to be ready 2 days before departure, LuggAgent may be a better choice for you. You may consign your luggage before 12:00 and collect it after 16:00 at the airport on the same day. Still, you should make your reservation at least 24hrs before the service.

                        Collection             Delivery

Airport to Hotel9:00 ~ 15:0018:00 ~ 21:00
Hotel to Hotel9:00 ~ 12:0018:00 ~ 21:00
Hotel to Airport9:00 ~ 12:0015:00 ~ 21:00
Shop to Airport9:00 ~ 18:009:00 ~ 21:00 (The next day)
Luggage collected on the same dayLuggage collected on the next day
NT$465(Hotel – Airport, Airport – Hotel)NT$565(Hotel – Airport)

(Prices provided by Klook)

Notice that you may also book it through Klook and kkday.

For more information: https://www.luggagent.com

4. 黑貓宅急便

黑貓宅急便also provides baggage delivery service. Through黑貓宅急便, you may choose to leave your luggage at convenient store, or hotels that they work with. And different from the services provided above, 黑貓宅急便provides to deliver baggage to places besides the airport.

Delivery AreaShipping DateShipping TimeDelivered TIme
Main islandMon-Thur00:00-17:008:00-18:00 the nexy day
17:00-24:008:00-18:00 the next 2 day
Fri00:00-17:008:00-18:00 sat
17:00-24:008:00-18:00 next mon
Sat00:00-17:008:00-18:00 next mon
17:00-24:008:00-18:00 next tues
SizeUnder 6061cm~90cm91cm~120cm121cm~150cm
Normal deliveryNT$130NT$170NT$210NT$250

They also provide the service to deliver on the same day. However, notice that there are restrictions on the areas: Keelung city, Taipei city, New Taipei city, Taoyuan city.

Delivery areaShipping dateShipping timeDelivery time 
Same day delivery Mon-Fri00:00-11:0015:00-18:00 on the same day
17:00-240015:00-18:00 the next day
Sat00:00-11:0015:00-18:00 on the same day
SizeUnder 6061cm~90cm91cm~120cm 121cm~150cm

For more information: https://www.t-cat.com.tw/Product/normal.aspx

5. Railway station

For passengers traveling in Taiwan, you may use this service to deliver your luggage to the designated station, and hop on the train with empty hands, go to another city without carrying your luggage. All you have to do is to collect your luggage at your destination.

Notice that not all of the stations provide this service. And also beware of the operating hours, it differs from stations to staions. 

For more information: https://www.railway.gov.tw/tra-tip-web/tip/tip00C/tipC15/view10

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