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Weather is one the things that people usually consider when they are planning the trip because you may want to avoid rainy season of tropical countries, going to high-latitudes countries in their winter or going to low-latitudes countries in their mid-summer. Although Taiwan lies on the Tropic of Cancer, and its general climate is marine tropical, you still need to check the weather of the season to see if it is good for travelling. Also, the temperature is what you will need to pay attention to during the trip. To get these specific information, there are websites that can certainly help you.

Central Weather Bureau


Central Weather Bureau is Taiwan’s only one official weather forecast institution, you can see how reliable and important it is. If you want the most accurate information firsthand, the website (or the app version) is definitely your top choice. Lots of information from the temperature to sunrise and sunset time is shown clearly on the homepage. Scrolling down the page, you will see numerous kinds of chart to show each kind of information chart vividly. In English version, it lists locations in Taiwan by activities including biking, fishing, mountaineering, and more, so it will be very effective and helpful if you are trying to find some good place in Taiwan for the specific activity you prefer.

udn news


TTV news


ETtoday news


Since Central Weather Bureau is Taiwan’s only official weather forecast institution, you can see that most of the news websites uses its weather information. What’s different on the news websites is that you can have more news when checking the weather. For instance, reading instant news of certain area in Taiwan, seeing if the actual situation is really as same as the weather forecast predicted, or checking the actual condition of the typhoon or the heavy rain.



This Facebook page was found in 2012 and had become one of the popular ways for people to read the weather forecast. According to the introduction of the team, their goal is to make meteorology a conversational topic and easier for everyone to understand. On the page, you can see that the biggest advantage is that lots of information is picturized, and thus it is very clear and simple for everyone to understand. Additionally, with the high-quality of the posts and the pictures, checking the weather can be something interesting.

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