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Nowadays Asia has become a popular choice when it comes to traveling. To make your trip unique and unforgettable, booking a nice hotel or a hostel is definitely necessary. After a long day journey, you must be exhausting and won’t be happy to go back to where you are staying if the hotel you booked is terrible. There are some local websites that can help you to find a perfect hotel or hostel in Taiwan.



Based in Taipei, AsiaYo focuses on hotels and hostels in Asia. On the website, there are over 60,000 designed accommodations locating in 60 different Asian cities as choices for every traveler. In addition to hotels or hostels, AsiaYo even helps host to advertise the unused rooms or space in their house, giving a chance to the international guests to get closer to the local’s lives. What’s more, it charges zero service fee and offer multilingual customer support.



DearB&B is a really special website for travelers to Taipei. It not only shows travelers how the selected lodgings look like (of course, they all look beautiful and nice) but also share those hosts’ life stories with you. Booking a living place for a trip is like making a kind new friend. In the Chinese version of the website, there is also weekly special news to introduce the unique hostels it selected. After surfing the website, you might realize that you have been too busy these days and it is time to take a relaxing vacation in Taiwan.



From the home page of the website, you can see that it offers lots of grand hotels or holiday hotels as choices. Though the price might be more expensive or higher, you surely will be treated like a king or a queen. The website also lists numerous plans to help you to know Taiwan’s travelling better. If you have no idea where to go or what to do during the traveling, the website can be your adviser. Through ezTravel, you might get some coupons if you choose the plans it offers.

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