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Although in Taiwan, Uber is something controversial while it may be popular in other countries nowadays, for Taiwanese ( of course for foreigners, too ), they still have lots of great choices when they want to take a taxi. With the following app introduction, you will find that Taiwan’s taxi industry can provide lots of excellent services better than you imagined.

Taiwan Taxi 55688

As Taiwan’s largest taxi company, Taiwan Taxi has started to server since 2005. It has not only earned Taiwanese customers’ trust but also awarded “excellent” of Taipei Taxi Transportation Service for 7 years in a roll. By simply dialing 55688 with your cell phone, you can find their taxi service immediately. On the app version, the GPS will find where you are at the moment, then all you need to do is tapping “call a taxi.” After your type in your destination, it will estimate the cost in advance to help you make your decision.

178 Call a Taxi

This app mainly serves the users with Metro taxi. Different from Taiwan Taxi, it has a feature of choosing the taxi system you prefer. The payment term and the discount depend on which system you choose. The app will even tell you which kind of system is best for your situation. For instant, Premium VIP taxis can only be paid in cash when are suggested using when you are not in a rush.

Find Taxi

The home page shows all the features clearly, including “airport pickup,” “booking a taxi,” “calling a taxi right away” “taxis nearby,” and more. Additionally, you can choose the taxi to be a non-smoking taxi, a taxi with a KTV, or with a female driver, or with a driver who understand Japanese or English, which is very convenient for foreigner customers. The app indeed requires more information, and yet there is no denying that the app is trying to give you a best ride.

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