【 Travel 】 Come to Ilan to get away from the hustle in the city

Ilan is known as the nearest oasis from Taipei, its pristine landscape of mountains, beach, farmland and natural springs make the state a perfect weekend getaway from the busy city, taking only 1 to 2 hours by train or bus from Taipei to Ilan.

Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area

If you would like a green shower on one of the world’s most beautiful hiking trails, don’t miss out Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area. Taipingshan is 2.5 to 3 hours by bus from Ilan city, you can also stay overnight at its mountain villas at the elevation of 1800 and 2,000 meters.

Take Kuo-Kuang bus from Ilan or Luodong stop, make sure you leave your luggage near Ilan or Luodong train station and only bring a backpack with necessary hiking gears. It’s a 3 minute-walk to lalalocker from both stations for quick and easy luggage storage.

Jiancing Historic Trail was reconstructed along the abandoned logging railway. The wood deck pathway for travelers to walk is around 0.9 kilometer. During the walk, you can see the elevated railway tracks that were used for log transportation, they are now covered in moss and forgotten by time.

Enjoy the view of sunrise and sunset in the sea of clouds from the mountain top, walk around the misty and mirror-like Cueifong Lake and venture into the 2,500-year-old gigantic Taiwan Cypress forest.

Jump on the historical Bong Bong Train for a ride, and immerse yourself in Jioujhihze Hot Spring for the most relaxing and therapeutic Onsen experience in nature. The temperature is about 140°C; facilities include a SPA pool, naked bathing pools for men and women, and the outdoor family thermal bathing area. You can even boil a few hot spring eggs with the water and taste the unique flavor of earth!

National Center for Traditional Arts

After your trip to the mountains, stop by the National Center for Traditional Arts for an authentic experience of Taiwanese traditional handcraft, architecture, toys, and food!

Dongshan River Water Park

The center is located in Wujie Township near Luodong, you can get there by boat from Dongshan River Water Park, which is also a favorite summer destination for kids and water activity lovers.

Bambi Land

From 2019, you can visit Formosan sika deers at Bambi Land in Dongshan Township.

Although the sika deers were once pushed to the brink of extinction, their numbers in the wild are now growing steadily due to conservation efforts. Bambi Land is a deer farm which allows you to interact with these beautiful creatures.

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