【 Travel 】How to get to Taipei City from Taoyuan International Airport

Finally arrived in Taiwan! Don’t know how to get to your hotel in Taipei from Taoyuan International Airport? Check the information down below!

By Taoyuan Airport MRT

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Taoyuan Airport MRT opened in 2017 and it considerably shortens the time it takes to get to downtown Taipei from the airport. It takes about 39 minutes to get to Taipei Main Station from Terminal 2 Station and 36 minutes from Terminal 1 to Taipei Main Station.

  • Fee

Passengers can purchase single journey ticket at Token Issuing Machines and Information Counter at any Taoyuan Airport MRT Station. You can also buy Taoyuan Airport / Taipei Metro Joint Ticket. This joint ticket includes 1 Taoyuan Airport MRT round ticket and a Taipei Metro 48/72 Hr pass. You can purchase it at Taoyuan Airpot MRT A1(Taipei Main Station), A12(Airport Terminal 1 Station), A13(Airport Terminal 2 Station) and Taoyuan Airport MRT service counter of the Arrival Hall in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

Single Journey TicketTaoyuan Airport MRT round ticket +
Taipei Metro 48 Hr pass
Taoyuan Airport MRT round ticket +
Taipei Metro 48/72 Hr pass
  • Service Time

The last Express train bound for Taipei Main Station will depart from A13 Terminal 2 Station at 22:55 and the Last

By Shuttle Buses

Taking a bus is also a recommended way to get to Taipei from the airport. There are several companies runs this route. Bus No. 1961 runs by CitiAir Bus and Bus No.1819 can take you to the Taipei Main Station. The operation time of the shuttle buses is slightly longer than Taoyuan Airport MRT. If you have to catch a plane in the early morning, this is a good choice for you.

By Taxi


Taking a taxi is the easiest but the most expansive way to get to Taipei. The fee is about NT$800~NT$1300. Airport taxis provide transportation services 24 hours a day so you don’t have to worry that you will be stuck in the airport when your flight delay.

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