【 Travel 】Entry Process – Permit Requirements for the Taipei

  1. Passport control

Taiwan’s arrival procedure requires passport customs declaration form. As for foreign nationals, it needs more things such as Visa, arrival card, boarding pass. To save time, you can fill in the forms on the plane before landing. Once you land, follow the “immigration” sign. If you are older than 14 years old and taller than 140 cm, your passport is applied to E-gate system, don’t hesitate and go to the E-gate. It can save you lots of time. If it isn’t applied to the system, you can still wait for officers to check.

  • Luggage claim

After the passport control, just keep going and you will see the luggage claim area. The information board will show you the information of the luggage on the carousel. Please pay attention to the board and be careful not to take others’ luggage away.

  • Animal and plant quarantine inspection

There will be a “Goods to declare” counter with a red sign for people who have items to declare. If you don’t, please go to the green lane.

  • Customs inspection of luggage

Custom officers may pick any person at random for inspection of luggage. Please do not bring anything that is not allowed such as meat or vegetable. If custom officers ask to check your luggage, please cooperate as much as possible.

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