luggage storage in Venice

Still finding lockers in Venice ?

Do you need temporarily luggage storage in Venice ?
Coin lockers are full, too small, hard to find ?
Want to save time on luggage storage ?
Coffee shops, book stores and hotels associated with Lalalocker will help you with these problems !

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How does it work

How to use Lalalocker to store your luggage

Book online

Complete the booking form online before entering the store and you will receive a confirmation letter.

Drop off

Show your reservation email and identification , then hand over the baggage to the clerk and enjoy your day.

Pick up

Come back to pick up your luggage with the "reclaim ticket" and your identification.


*The storage period less than a day, daily fixed charging.
*If the storage period is overdue 0:00 a.m, over time will be calculated additional day.
See our prices for

A Big luggage

150 TWD / day

Any type of bag with the longest side longer than 45 cm(e.g. suitcases, travel bags, backpacks, etc.)

A Small luggage

70 TWD / day

Any type of bag of which longest side is below 45 cm(e.g. handbags, shopping bags, etc.)

What's the special about Lalalocker?

The reason you need to choose lalalocker


Hunting for the storage locker is always hard work for travelers. lalalocker helps you find to deal with this problem. Long-term storage and fridge storage are also available!


Your luggage's safety is guaranteed with our security cameras or employee supervision. Additionally, each item is insured up to 10000 NTD.

Additional Amenities

Drop your luggage and explore local stores at the same time. Additional services: free wi-fi, electrical outlets, restroom, tourist information, and even discount…are there for you.