【 Travel 】Catch a Glimpse of the 5 Best Cafés in Bangkok

Café hopping has become a new trend in Bangkok due to the emerging growth of coffee shops , each with different specialties and a unique charm . Catch a glimpse of the 5 best cafés in Bangkok and jumpstart your trip with a fresh cup of joe !

1. After the Rain Coffee & Gallery

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If a getaway from the city madness is what you’re looking for , After the Rain Coffee & Gallery is the ideal spot to visit ! Soak yourself up in the peaceful atmosphere at this rainforest-like café . Remember that well-known nursery rhyme “ Row Row Row Your Boat “ ? Here is where you can turn it into reality ! With pomelo trees on both sides , paddle your way gently down the stream in a kayak while you enjoy your afternoon tea . A variety of desserts and drinks are served , including its most recommended clover pancake and coconut coffee . Food here is reasonably priced with a decent taste . Both air-con / open area seats are available . Escape to this tropical wonderland and bathe yourself in Mother Nature ! After the Rain Coffee & Gallery will not let you down .

2. Sa-Ti Handicraft Coffee

Bangkok is surely a café galore , but it won’t be complete without this one ! Hidden behind Yo frozen yogurt shop , Sa-Ti Handicraft Coffee is what coffee lovers hunt for — a stylish glasshouse that serves the creamiest nitro cold brew as well as its signature drinks : peanut butter latte , coconut latte and masala chai . Their coffees are expertly brewed and beautifully presented . What’s cooler is that you can personalize your own cup of joe by adding diverse options of flavored syrup ! Customize your own cafe and spoil yourself with some velvety pleasures at Sa-Ti Handicraft Coffee !

3. Floral Cafe’ at Napasorn

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Tucked behind a florist named Napasorn , is this enchanting dreamland , adorned by beautiful bouquets and dangling crystal lights on the ceiling . While you enjoy yourself in this botanical garden , you may as well order something to quench your thirst — smoothie , frappe , coffee and tea . They got it all ! They also have handmade cakes , including the very berry brownie , apple crumble cake , matoom carrot and many more . If you’re down for some frosty gelato , try their ice cream , which comes in flavors of lavender , raspberry , coconut , green tea , chocolate peanut and vanilla . Certainly a perfect place to sit down , relax and gaze at the beauty of the floral kingdom .

4. Naiipa Art Complex

The Naiipa Art Complex is a beautifully architected building surrounded by greenery , carefully wrapped around two giant trees . It blends perfectly with the green lush of nature and allows visitors to connect with the living world . This space is used for multiple purposes : a cafe , restaurant , spa , studio and exhibition space . While you’re wandering in this vibrant forest , don’t hesitate to stop by for a cup of coffee — espresso , cappuccino , macchiato , latte , mocha , whatever you like ! They also serve desserts like cream caramels , waffles , cakes and donuts . Naiipa Art Complex is an oasis hidden in bustling Bangkok , offering coffee fans a great place to hangout .

5. Pantom Organic Living

A visit to Pantom Organic Living is necessary if you’re all about healthy lifestyle . This café features organic herbs , fruits and vegetables that are grown from certified farms at Nakhon Pathom as well as body care products produced with natural ingredients . They serve coffee , tea , simple nutritious meals and baked goods . Take a sip of coffee as the sunlight shines through its transparent glass walls . An ideal spot to spend a laid-back afternoon with friends and family .

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