【 Travel 】5 Moments Lalalocker Can Save Your Life

  Luggage storage service is deeply connected with our daily lives and is something people usually can’t find at the time they need it . Here are 5 moments that Lalalocker can save your life , by offering you a secure place to drop your luggage .

1 . Before Hotel Check-In

  While waiting for your hotel’s check-in time ( normally at 3:00 p.m.) , having to stroll your luggage everywhere can limit down your travel options . This was what happened to me last month in Bangkok . With plenty of luggage , I wasn’t able to go to the local floating market , Chatuchack weekend bazaar , nor historical sites suchlike the Grand Palace . I was left with no place to go to until I checked in . If I had knew Lalalocker earlier , I could’ve saved myself from wasting time by dropping my luggage there . Next time you have no clue where to leave your bags before check-in , Lalalocker is a smart option .

2 . After Airbnb Check-Out

  While most hotels let guests deposit their luggage at the lobby , Airbnbs don’t . This can lead to a huge inconvenience , since you must carry your suitcase and all your personal items wherever you go . As a frequent Airbnb user , I often find myself touring the city with one hand carrying my purse and the other dragging a suitcase after 11:00 a.m. , which is the normal check-out time for most places . I also struggle to find lockers that fit my suitcase at places nearby , since most of the times those at the MRT station aren’t big enough . With Lalalocker , you can store anything , at any size , anywhere , anytime . This is why I always use their storage service and recommend it to every Airbnb traveler . 

3 . Shopping

Going on a shopping spree but don’t have enough hands to carry your booties ? Or are you often in a dilemma between to buy and not to buy , just because you don’t want what you purchased to occupy your hands for the rest of the day ? Here’s some good news . Instead of the phrase “ shop till you drop ” ,  Lalalocker allows you to  “ shop while you drop ” , meaning you can drop your bags at our place and avoid physical tiredness while you do the rest of the shopping .  

4 . Day-Trip

  Lalalocker is not only for traveling and shopping , it can also help you in casual occasions such as a day-trip . If you’re out for an entire day and got some extra weight that you don’t wanna carry , come to Lalalocker . In this article ( click me ) , we’ve compared the price of a traditional locker to Lalalocker , and found out that if you’re out for more than 6 hours , Lalalocker is more affordable , since it charges by day instead of hour . In this case , Lalalocker can not only free your hands , but also be a huge money saver .

5 . Night-Out 

Group Of Friends Enjoying Evening Drinks In Bar

Say you’re dining out at a fancy Michelin-star restaurant with your crush , but you got something worse than a third wheel — tons of bulky luggage . You might’ve just got off from work and have no option but to carry your laptop , folders and other heavy belongings with you . But let’s be frank, though you may be in a cute outfit , having your hands tangled carrying this and that doesn’t seem attractive nor makes you feel at leisure . No worries , just hand it to Lalalocker ! No matter if you’re going on a date with your boyfriend or partying with your girls straight after work / school, you can always leave your extra burdens with us and pick it up anytime. We wish you enjoy a fantastic night , without having to care about unnecessary stuff such as your luggage . 

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