【 Travel 】5 Great Reasons Why You Should Use Lalalocker

Lalalocker is a company that provides luggage storage service . We allow you to drop your bags at nearby locations . No matter if you’re traveling , shopping or on a night-out with friends , as long as you find yourself handling extra weight , this the right place to go to . We , Lalalocker , different from any normal locker , are sure to be your best choice . Here are a several reasons why :

1 . Disburden Yourself of Extra Weight

Suffering from sore shoulders ? Occupied hands ? Don’t worry ! Lalalocker comes to your rescue . Heavy luggage can be a nuisance when traveling , especially when you have to carry them along through the day . Our presence is to bring you convenience and free you from bulky bags while you enjoy your trip . What’s better than the traditional lockers is that we don’t have an actual size restriction , meaning that luggage of any size can be stored at our place without cramming it into “ actual lockers ” yourself .  So , next time you want to go on a hassle-free journey , drop your bags at Lalalockers !

2 . Instant Booking

While you can’t be sure if there’s room left until you arrive to a traditional locker , Lalalocker assures to have space for you anytime , anywhere . 

The booking process is extremely easy and fast . It only requires 5 simple steps via your smartphone .

  1. Select a location
  2. Pick a locker
  3. Start booking
  4. Fill in order details
  5. Confirm payment 

And ta-da ! You’re all set . Now you’ve got a locker waiting for you .

3 . Affordable & Reasonably Priced

Traditional locker services charge by hour , which may seem dirt cheap at first , but can add up costing a bomb .

Here is a chart of the rental fees at the Taipei MRT stations , depending on the hours used :

Bag Size / Hours 0-1 hr 1-2 hrs 2-3 hrs 3-4 hrs 4-5 hrs 5-6 hrs 6-7 hrs 7-8 hrs
Small 10 NT 20 NT 30 NT 40 NT 50 NT 60 NT 70 NT 80 NT
Large 20 NT 40 NT 60 NT 80 NT 100 NT 120 NT 140 NT 160 NT

As you can see , once the time exceeds 6 hours , the price will be higher than Lalalocker . We only charge 70 NT/ day for small luggages and 150 NT/ day for large ones . That is , if you’re out for an entire day ( e.g. 11:00-17:00 , as most hotels require guests to check-out at 11:00 ) , Lalalocker is definitely the most economical choice .

4 . Fully Secured

Different from any lockers , Lalalocker guarantees you a safe luggage storage experience . Your bags will be 100 % safe in our partnered lockers . All luggages will be sealed and stored in rooms with monitors or the supervision of our staff . On top of this , each item is insured up to 10,000 NT in case any accident happens . After all , our mission is to not only reduce your burden , but also keep your belongings safe . 

5 . Enjoy Additional Services

Other than storage service , we also provide other amenities , varying from each store . Here are some of the additional services we offer :

  • Free WiFi
  • Restroom
  • Refrigerated Storage
  • Power Outlets 
  • Tourist Information
  • Free Drinking Water
  • Paid Shower
  • Discount on Products

This is what you don’t get by choosing traditional lockers . Again , other than storage service , we wish to provide our customers help in any aspect .

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