【 Travel 】Trip for 5 days in OKINAWA of 910 part 4

          In the past, I couldn’t understand the saying goes,” To travel is to find yourself. ” After this trip in Okinawa, I realize it.

| Day 5 |

We were too tired this day morning, so everyone got up late at 9. So our first station today was having lunch.

After entering the zone of dark cloud, it rained cats and dogs. We even couldn’t see the front road clearly. That’s really dangerous. Leaving the zone, the weather became sunny again.

Someone suggested this restaurant, SANS SOUCI. Who was it?

This was a restaurant for internet celebrity. Feat. James with a “like. ”

Children zone.

Internet celebrity, Mei. (Just kidding.)

Decoration in ocean island style.

Ringing the bell, waiters would come in to serve.

We entered here in the lunch time, so we needed to order a whole set with set meal, drink, and dessert. It was pork and chicken don with raw egg. The sauce was pretty nice.

My meal, cold udon with sesame sauce and pork slice was also really good.

I ordered matcha tea and the right one was dessert. On the ice cream was maple syrup. They went well in this way.

So, who suggested this restaurant? In the last episode, I said Jett would give us surprise this day. It was these two sakurajian!!

One is Jett’s classmate in university, Hirari (left one). The other one is Hirari’s classmate in senior high school, Mizuki (right one). She also studies in Taiwan. Both of them are locals in Okinawa.

At the end, they gave each of us a pack of sneak. All of them were famous souvenirs of Okinawa. Delicious! How sweet they were! Nice to meet them. I hoped we would meet each other in Taiwan next time.

Ready for the next station.

The site was where girls forgot to wear suncream.

It was Umikaji Terrace where is also called Greece of Okinawa. it was really a beautiful place to take pictures.

Every shop here had a number, and they used this ceramic decoration as their number plate.

Alex said, “ O for Okinawa, ”but Cheng thought he made a heart.

Quickly, please.

What a beautiful beach it was! Many internet celebrities came here to take a photo.

Mao worked hard.

Jett and me.

We had jumping-posture photo in our every trip, but it seemed we failed it every time.

Thanks to the adorable Japanese old couple. They took photos of us. To here, the trip was about to the end.

Good bye, Umikaji Terrace. By the way, you can watch the planes taking off and landing clearly because Naha airport is nearby.

Ashibina Outlet. I bought an arena swimming suit for Mao’s friend. When I saw the tag, it was so surprise that it was almost JPY 6000 cheaper than that in Taiwan.

The last meal, Kura sushi.

Hungry as Terrance that he had 20 more plates. It’s cheaper than that in Taiwan, too. JPY 100/each plate.

We were foodies.

Use the ordered machine above. The meal we ordered would be served from the rail on the upper route. I think everyone should try sanma sushi.

Mao said this match Tiramisù was nice.

Time to draw a capsule! Insert 5 plates into the hole, and one have a chance to draw a capsule. It made lots of fun when having sushi.

I hadn’t drawn anyone of this in Taiwan, but here I got one.

Sunset. We prepared for departure.

Sunset in Okinawa was just like rainbow marshmallow. Good bye, OKINAWA.

          “To travel is to find yourself. ” Last semester, I went through my low ebb. University to me, or to everyone, is just like a small society. I grow up quickly, but it also let me afraid of the world and people around me. I took over the vibe leader of school swimming team and group leader of the camp of my department. They made me so tired. In the past, one of my teacher in senior high school said, “Seize the moment now. This is the last moment you can do anything without worrying about other things.” At this time, I finally realize it. What a pity that time past too fast! I’m now in the age to shoulder responsibility. However, life is always too busy to stop my pace to look around.

          This summer vacation, I arranged two trip. One was a summer camp in BUAA in Beijing, and the other one was this trip in Okinawa. Looking at the beautiful scene of foreign land, I started to meditate about myself. If I don’t like the lifestyle now, how could I change it? At this moment, I heard a melody from Your Woman Sleep with Others which is a Taiwanese band, “I don’t want to be alone and stop at the origin in tears in my future life.”

          My love, 910. We have met each other for 8 years. Thanks you guys for appearing in my life and always accompanying me. We go through tons of good time. Without doubts, we’ll do it in the future. I’ll always remember us in this way.

          Where is the next coutry?

          (Attached is the photo taken when the last time we took a trip to Penghu.)

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