【 Travel 】Luggage Allowance of Flybe Airlines

        When one books a ticket from a budget airline, luggage always becomes the most important problem. As the head of budget airline in the UK, Flybe set some rules you must know before press the check button.

luggage Rules of Flybe:

          The luggage rules of Flybe are simple. Read information below before booking the ticket.

Checked Luggage

Class Piece Dimensions Weigh
Get More 1 No limitation 23kg
(Maximal up to 32kg)
All In 2
Just Fly 0

If the weigh of checked luggage exceeds more than 23kg, you will be charged a fee of £15 per extra kilogram.

Cabin Luggage

Class Piece Dimensions Weigh
For all 2 One cabin bag 55 x 35 x 20 cm
One small bag
(e.g. hand bag, laptop case)
Up to 10kg


  1. If the weigh of checked luggage exceeds more than 23kg, you will be charged a fee of £18-£50.

2. If the size of cabin luggage exceeds the allowance, your bag will become checked luggage and you will be charged for £50.

Special Cases:

1.Special Items free of Charge

Pushchairs, prams, travel cots, car seats, wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, suit, wedding cake, mobility equipment

2.Check your package before check-in

Always remember to check your luggage before getting to the check-in counter. If you find your luggage may be overloaded, just add it online immediately. You’ll be charged less.(If you add it online, you’ll be charged only £15; on the other hand, £50.)

3.Student Price

If you show your student ID at the check-in counter, just pay for 20kg and you’ll get 20kg more for free. That is you can bring a 40kg-luggage on Flybe if you are a student.

4.Packing tip

We know that when we go on plane, they won’t ask us to stand on the scale. So, you can wear a multi-pockets jacket and stuff some personal things inside rather than putting them into your bag. In this way, you can reduce your weigh of luggage. That being said, don’t put knife on you.

Bon Voyage.



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