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Are you the owner of a hostel ? Do you aim to make every traveler feel like home but you don’t have enough resources to achieve this goal? These bunches of hotel management software will be beneficial for your business.

Cloudbeds integrates booking engine and property management in one system. It uses graphical interference to demonstrate orders and reports. Cloudbeds can also synchronize orders from different booking channels. This will bring a huge improvement in efficiency to your hospitality business.

The price is different from hostel to hostel. Base on the location, your property type, numbers of rooms and the package you choose. You can get an evaluation on their website.

eZee Frontdesk makes the reservation and front desk operations much easier. This system has helped 6000+ clients and managed 90000 rooms.

Detail Oriented (eg. Laundry Management, Minibar Management)
Banquet & Event Management
Various report for marketing, Income,…etc.
24 / 7 / 365 Support

The pricing is different from property to property. Thus, you should contact them directly to get the details. Besides, you can get a 30-day trial by providing your information

Frontdesk Anywhere is a platform which can make property management much easier. It combined the front desk with the management system and integrate them into an easy to use interface. The reports & analytics feature can also give you a deeper insight into your past data and give you a more comprehensive understanding of your business.

Report & Analytics
Revenue Management
Reputation Management

Their pricing policy is not available to the public now. However, you can still get a free demo from their website and contact their sales directly.


Hotelogix was founded in India in 2008. This platform aims to help small and middle-sized hotels to run their business. This system can be run on your mobile phone, which makes you able to manage operations anytime and anywhere. Hotelogix also put emphasis on the online booking system. This feature can drive you more commission-free direct bookings.

Get more direct bookings
Streamline housekeeping
24/7 live support

Their Premium edition costs $3.99 per room per month and the Premium plus edition costs $5.99 per room per month. Of course, you can get a free trial first from their website.

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