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Bangkok BTS

The Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS) started its operation at the end of 1999 and carries almost 400,000 passengers per day. It’s the most efficient way to travel and discover Bangkok because all the stations are elevated thus can avoid the traffic jams down below.

  • Route & Stations

BTS is composed of two lines: the Sukhumvit Line (17km) and the Silom Line(6.5km). The BTS links the Airport Rail Link(ARL) at the Phaya Thai station. It also links the MRT Blue Line at Asok and Sala Daeng station.

  • Fee

Depends on the distance between the beginning station and destination, the Fee of taking BTS starts from ฿15 to maximum ฿ 55. Travelers can also buy Single Journey Card which cost slightly lower ( ฿16 – ฿ 44 )

BTS also sells One-Day Pass and Rabbit Card. One-Day Pass is for travelers. It cost ฿ 140 and travelers can take unlimited rides within one day with this card. Travelers can purchase One-day pass at any BTS ticket office or here.

Rabbit Card, just like Tokyo’s Suica and London’s Oyster Card, is a rechargeable contactless stored value smart card. A new Rabbit Card costs ฿ 100 and you can buy one at every BTS ticket office. Once you recharged the card, it can be used to take Bangkok BTS Skytrain and used for payment at some certain convenience stores, supermarkets, and cinemas.

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