【 Travel 】Baggage Allowance of Thomas Cook Airlines

        How heavy can your baggage on Thomas Cook be? What is the limitation of size of baggage on Thomas Cook? What if the weight is over the allowance? Check this article and you’ll have idea about all the questions.

Baggage Rules of Thomas Cook:

Checked Baggage:

Standard package  15kgs included (an extra 10kgs can be purchased)
Signature holidays  20kgs included
Long-haul  20kgs included
Long-haul USA  23kgs included
Premium class  25kgs included
Premium class USA  32kgs included
Flight only  0kgs (baggage can be purchased as an extra)
Infant baggage  10kgs
  1. The limitation of size is L+H+W=158cm.
  2. If you’ve booked a FlexibleTrips package, your standard baggage allowance can vary between 0kgs to 25kgs per person.

Cabin Baggage:

Class Piece Dimensions Weigh
For All 2 Cabin bag (max 55 X 40 x 20 cm)

Small bag (max 40 x 30 x 10 cm)
Max 8kg per
Premium Class 2 Cabin bag Small bag Max 10kg per

Special Cases:


Infants have no cabin baggage allowance, but they can bring a checked baggage for 10kg. if you want to bring your baby’s milk bottle or diapers, you need to pack them into your own cabin hand bag.

2.Items for Extra Small Bag in Cabin

• 1 laptop

• 1 overcoat or 1 blanket

• 1 small lady´s handbag or 1 small wrist-bag or 1 small bag with shoulder strap

• 1 umbrella

• 1 small camera and/or 1 binocular

• Assistive devices of persons with disabilities

• A reasonable amount of reading material for the flight

• Duty Free items purchased behind security control or as a pre-order from the operating carrier.

• Infant´s food for consumption during the flight

3.Pooling Bags

If you have rest of checked baggage weight, you can share it with your partner. However, you can not share the cabin baggage weight.

4.Wedding Baggage

If couple booked the Thomas Cook wedding package, all things from bride and groom can be packed in their hand bag up to 13kg, but they need to be split into 5kg and 8kg and fit the dimension allowance of 55 x 40 x 20 cm.

Bon Voyage.

(Reference: https://www.thomascook.com/baggage/ )

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