【 Travel 】Three websites to find Hong Kong’s current weather forecast

There are lots of things that you will need to consider when planning a trip, and weather is one of them. It might sound like nothing but you may not want to go to a tropical country and find it is in rainy season, and thus you have no choice but to make all your plans indoor activities. When you are on the vacation, the weather is also important, too. To avoid any unexpected situation, you can check these websites frequently before and during your trip to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Observatory


As a government department, Hong Kong Observatory must have its credibility and quality to some degrees. In addition to common weather forecasts, it also provides certified related forecasts or warning services for special occasions such as firework show or sport events. If checking the website is not that convenient for you, there is a mobile app version called “MyObservatory.” The app will even provide 2-hour rainfall and 1-hour lightning nowcast through the app.

Hong Kong Weather Watch


Hong Kong Weather Watch was established in 2007, and, on the contrary, was run by local people. However, there is no need to be worried that if the information is correct or not because it is from many official sources. What’s more, it is presented it in an easily interpreted way for users’ reference. The website will update automatically and it mainly covers weather information of Hong Kong. There is a Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/hkww.org/) to let you get the information of Hong Kong weather more easily.

Weather China


Weather China is also one of the most popular weather websites in China. It is run by China Meteorological Administration out of the purpose of charity. It provides instant weather information from more than 60000 cities, airports, islands, ski resorts…. It can even predict the weather from 5 minutes later to 40 days later, including all kinds of facts such as Air Quality Index. Like most of the weather website, there is an app version for you to check the weather anytime.

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