【 Travel 】5 Kids’ Luggage You Shouldn’t Miss in 2019

Traveling with kids ? Then this is a must-read . Here are 6 innovated children’s bags , designed to be cute , durable and great for long-haul trips . Scroll down to see what we’ve got for you !

1 . Trunki Ride-On Suitcase

 The Trunki Ride-On Suitcase is one of the most popular kid’s suitcases among mommies and toddlers . Needless to say , it has its reasons . They come in various characters , such as Una the Unicorn , Skye the Spaceship , Flossi the Flamingo , Tipu Tiger , Pedro the Pirate ship and many more ! Not only does it have designs for both genders , some also come with free stickers so kids can customize their own special friend . For moms , they are spacious enough to store all items . Besides , the ride-on feature will keep their little ones entertained along the trip — meaning less headaches !

2 . Pottery Barn Kids — Make it Mine Custom Luggage

Afraid of losing your luggage ? Pottery Barn Kids now enables you to customize your own luggage !  Every suitcase features an adjustable handle , easy rotatable wheels and a choice of your own shell color . Add a bit of your own personal magic to this super trendy case ! Next time you’re at baggage claim , you’ll be able to recognize your luggage in a glance . 

3 . JetKids Bed Box

 To all daddy and mommy travelers — this one is for you . The JetKids Bed Box is the world’s first ride-on luggage that features an inflight bed with leg-rest space . With this , your children will be able to comfortably extend its body while sleeping in the plane . But be careful , you’re little explorer is gonna beat you in style with this elegant-looking suitcase !

4 . OlliElla See-Ya Suitcase

  If you have a classy taste , the OlliElla See-Ya Suitcase is the right choice . This fashionable accessory was listed in Oprah Winfrey’s “ 2018 favorite things ” . It comes in 4 colors , including rose , rust , mustard and mint . It also has an elastic band design which allows teddy or other stuffed animals to join your kid in the adventure . 

5 . Bontoy Traveller

The Bontoy Traveller is the new fad! Its outstanding design received the “Good Design Award”in 2014, becoming the leading ride-on toy brand in Korea. This doggy luggage comes in 3 designs, the Dalmatian, Beagle and Jolie. Apart from serving as a suitcase, this toy can also play as a cute, reliable pet. Enjoy your journey while you have fun walking the Bontoy Traveller puppy.

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