【 Travel 】How to get to Taoyuan International Airport ?

The transportation network of Taoyuan International Airport is well-developed. Travelers may take the Taoyuan Airport MRT to Taipei and the high speed rail to major cities in western Taiwan. There are still many transportation methods for tourist to choose from. Let us tell you how to utilize these transportations.

By Taoyuan Airport MRT

「桃園機場 路線圖」的圖片搜尋結果

Taoyuan Airport MRT is the most important and convenient transportation method to get to or leave the airport. Passengers who want to transfer to Taipei Metro or Taiwan High Speed Rail must take the Taoyuan Airport MRT first.

DestinationTaipei Main StationTaoyuan HSR Station
Trip length39 minutes17 minutes

Shuttle Buses

You can directly go to Taichung, Ilan, and Taipei by shuttle bus from Taoyuan International airport.

Route number 18191960186016231661
DestinationTaipei Taipei Taichung Taichung Ilan
Fee NT$140NT$145NT$280NT$280NT$280
Trip length 55 minutes60-70 minutes 2 hours
10 minutes
2 hours
10 minutes
2 hours
30 minutes
Frequency 15-20 minutes20-40 minutes1-2 hours30-60 minutes1 hour

Taiwan High Speed Rail

「台灣高鐵 桃園」的圖片搜尋結果

To transfer to Taiwan High Speed Rail, travelers must take Taoyuan Airport MRT as we mentioned above. The fare table of THSR can be found here.

Taiwan Railways


Travelers can take buses to the Taoyuan Station and then transfer to Taiwan Railways.

Bus Route 706 Bus Route 5059
Duration40-60mins40 mins

Once you arrive at Taoyuan station, you can get to every train station in Taiwan.( Since Taoyuan station is one of the main stops of Taiwan Railways system, every train will stop at this station.) You can check the timetable and book the train ticket here.

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