【 Travel 】Luggage Storage Service and Lockers in Kuala Lumpur

Are you looking for luggage storage space or lockers in Kuala Lumpur? We have collect some information for you. Check this out!


Baggage Solution

Service Location:  KLIA Satellite Building (Smart Lockers), KLIA Main Terminal Building Arrival Hall, KLIA2 Domestic Arrival Hall level 2, and level 2 Gateway @Klia2, Terminal Klia2.

Service hour: 24 hours

Official website: http://www.baggagesolutions.com.my/

Storage charges (per item / 24 hours )

(Height x Width x Length)
Between 1 to 6 days Between 7 to 14 days 15 days and above
Small 43 cm x 31 cm x 21 cm RM 19 RM 17 RM 15
Medium 60 cm x 42 cm x 25 cm RM 30 RM 27 RM 23
Large 67 cm x 46 cm x 31 cm RM 40 RM 36 RM 32
Extra-Large Any item exceeding the dimension of the Large Size RM 51 RM 46 RM 42

Locker Rental Charges (per locker / 24 hrs)

(Height x Width x Length)
Between 1 to 6 days Between 7 to 14 days 15 days and above
Medium 40 cm x 32 cm x 75 cm RM 40 RM 36 RM 32
Large 55 cm x 43 cm x 75 cm RM 51 RM 46 RM 42

* All price Luggage Storage service and Retail item already include GST 6%

KILA2 CapsuleTransit

Service Location:  located at Landside of Level1 (CP1), [email protected] Just 8 minutes walking distance to KLIA2 airline check-in counter.

Service hour: 24 hours

Telephone: +603 7610 2020

E-mail: [email protected]

Official website: https://capsuletransit.com/

Capsule by Container has 3, 6 and 12 hours accommodation options, including lockers and showers. In addition to the cost of the bed, you must pay 50RMB or equivalent foreign currency as a deposit. When you return the room card, keys and bath towels, the deposit will be refunded.

If you are not staying, you can also use lockers and showers for a fee of 6 hours RM15 / 12 hours RM25 / 24 hours RM35, shower facilities are RM15, bath towels, shampoo, shower gel, and the price is not expensive. Very suitable for transit passengers.

Accommodation (including Lockers and showers)
3 hours RM 50
6 hours RM 75
12 hours RM 95
6 hours RM 15
12 hours RM 25
24 hours RM 35
it can deposit a 40 inches luggage.

Just using shower facilities cost RM 15.

KL Sentral

Dr. Locker

Service Location: Behind the escalator on the 2nd floor.

How to use :

Tokens must be used in order to start to deposit your luggage; there is an automatic currency machine next to them. Put the baggage into the baggage and close the door and turn the key to the left and pull it out.

Features: Face and fingerprint identification, the number of remaining lockers can be learned from the central control screen.

Official website : https://www.klsentral.info/kl-sentral-luggage-storage-locker/

Token charges: 1 token = 5 RM

Size Height x Width x length (cm) Charges (per day)
Small (up to 20 kg) 50 x 29 x 57 RM 5
Medium (up to 30 kg) 68 x 46 x 42 RM 10
Large (up to 50 kg) 107 x 46 x 42 RM 15 RM 20
Kuala Lumpur luggage Storage lockers
Kuala Lumpur luggage Storage lockers


How to use:

 For long-term storage, contact by E-mail or what’s app, pick up the baggage, and deliver to the pick-up location at the scheduled time.

Official website: https://www.klsentral.info/kl-sentral-luggage-storage-locker/

How it works:

Step 1  

Send us an email to check our availability. Provide us the size of luggage, duration, date, time & location of pick up & drop off.  It would be great if you could send us your flight numbers too!  

Step 2

Once you get the “OK” and price from us, go ahead and make payment via PayPal using our email ([email protected]) as a recipient.  

Step 3

PayPal will notify us about your payment. Send us your WhatsApp number and we will coordinate the pickup & drop off.

Step 4

We will meet and greet you at the KLIA/KLIA 2/Subang Airport/Hotel. Don’t worry about connectivity as our airports are equipped with WIFI.  

Step 5

We store your luggage at a secure place.  You enjoy your holiday light and easy.

Step 6

We will deliver your luggage to you at your preferred location.  If you’re taking an outbound flight, we will drop off your luggage at the designated airport 3 or 4 hours before your flight.  Or we can also drop off your luggage to your hotel within the Kuala Lumpur city.

  Within 1 weeks Within 2 weeks Within 3 weeks Within 4 weeks
Small RM 195 RM 265 RM 325 RM 375
Medium RM 215 RM 285 RM 345 RM 395
Large RM 265 RM 335 RM 395 RM 445
Extra-Large RM 325 RM 395 RM 455 RM 505

*Additional weeks ahead just add RM 50.00 per week.

Putrajaya & Cyberjaya

Service Location: After exiting the station and pass by the Information Desk, turn right and you will see the locker.

How to use: Token is a must.

Size Height x Width x length (cm) Charges (per day)
Small (up to 20 kg) 50 x 29 x 57 RM 10
Medium (up to 30 kg) 68 x 46 x 42 RM 20

TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan)

TBS (terminal bersepadu selatan) 
Kuala Lumpur luggage Storage lockers

This transportation terminal opens 24 hrs a day. The lockers are located at the third floor. The fee of the lockers is RM3 / 12 hr for a small one, RM5 / 12 hr for a medium one and RM30 / 20 hr for a big one.

Petrosains, The Discovery Centre

Petrosains, The Discovery Centre 
Kuala Lumpur luggage Storage lockers

Although the size and the fee of the lockers are not mentioned on the website, they do have lockers located in front of the entrance for visitors to use. The opening hour of the Discovery Centre is 09 : 30 – 17 : 30.

Mid Valley Megamall

Mid Valley Megamall 
Kuala Lumpur luggage Storage lockers

Lockers are at the ground floor, North Court. The opening hour of this mall is 10 : 00 – 22 : 00. It costs RM20 / 12 hr to use a small locker and RM30 / 12 hr for a bigger one.

KL Forest Eco Park

KL Forest Eco Park

The opening hour of KL Forest Eco Park is 07 : 00 – 18 : 00. Although there’s no details about the lockers shown on the website, but they do have some lockers for tourist.

Central Market

central market

Central Market is a artworks and crafts market. The building is designed in a unique Malaysian style. The opening hour is 10 : 00 – 21 : 30. The lockers are at the first floor.

Central Market Kuala Lumpur luggage locker
https://www.centralmarket.com.my/apanel/assets/uploads/homegallery/983a9-Central-Market-Ground-Floor_Website_1000px-x-570px.jpg (Central Market Website)

Sungei Wang Plaza

 Sungei Wang Plaza
Kuala Lumpur luggage Storage lockers

Sungei Wang Plaza is an old shopping mall in the Bukit Bintang area. The opening hour is 10 : 00 – 22 : 00 and there are lockers for tourists to leave their luggage.

Don’t forget to utilize these luggage storage facilities and services when you are in Kuala Lumper!

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