【 Travel 】 Arrival & Departure Information @Taiwan

Arrival Procedures

1. Human quarantine inspection 
2. Passport control 
3. Luggage claim 
4. Animal and plant quarantine inspection 
5. Customs inspection of luggage

Documents required for entering Taiwan :
1. Passport
2. Customs declaration form
3. Foreign nationals : Visa, arrival card, boarding pass

Departure Sequence

Please go the check-in counter of your airline two to three hours before your flight departure time to complete check-in procedures. For the latest check-in time allowed by your airline, please contact your airline.

1. Check-in  
2. Luggage check-in  
3. Security control  
4. Passport control  
5. Board aircraft

Documents required for leaving Taiwan :
1. ROC nationals : passport, boarding card.
2. Foreign nationals : passport, boarding card.

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